Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/24/09 Chapin

NNW 25-30. 5.3/Acid. Overpowered, too lazy to re-rig to 4.4. Ahhhh Cape Cod, never seems to disappoint. IWindsurf was screwing up foreskins, I mean forecasts all week, but CC came through BIG time on Friday with awesome conditions on the CC Bay. Very similar to Chicks on a N/NNW. Waist to head high swells breaking on an outside bar with so many BIG port tack jumps that I almost wasted myself in the first 30 minutes. The shallow water was warm but the outside was COLD. I was wearing shorts and neoprene top and was chilly on the outside. I ate it on one jump and smacked my nuts so hard that I thought I would pass out. After I finally got back in and rested for 15 minutes, I was good for another 2 hours. There was about 15 other sailors there including that dude Peter from last year. Great session, had to hurry back to the house to catch dinner by 4:15.

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