Sunday, July 12, 2009

7/11/09 Sandy Hook

Well the first real session at Sandy Hook had its good points and bad. After a 4 mile run on the tracks, I headed down 287 to the GSP. Shore traffic was heavy but moving. When I got to Sandy Hook it was blowing 5.0. I rigged up the 5.3/Acid and headed out on the flat water side, while waiting to meet Pete Asheman to sail on the much-more-enticing-but-strangely-empty-of-windsurfers-ocean. Well, sailing on the inside of Sandy Hook sucks. Kind of reminded me of sailing at St. Mary's College. Pete and I hit the ocean after a few hours of dicking around on the bay, and had a great short-but-sweet session, I had switched to the 101. Obviously the deal with Sandy Hook is that, other than NW, the ocean is the place to be. SW would probably suck on the bay or the ocean. We had S/SSE wind so there was a clean side shore fetch on the ocean side. I think Sandy Hook would rock on a N/NE. The traffic leaving Sandy Hook was absolutely staggering from about 2PM to 9 PM, with lots of northern NJ types lurking around all over the place. It's so funny to see a bunch if dudes from, say Newark, trudging down the beach in oversized shorts, wife beaters, basketball shoes, and Met hats turned sideways, their girfriends screaming at them about one thing or another. We had a bite to eat at the restaurant on Sandy Hook while waiting for the traffic to ease up. Great meeting Pete and his wife, I look fwd to hanging out with them again, possibly with LJM tagging along. Cape Cod coming up.

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Anonymous said...

it was a great sweet little ocean sesh ... great hookin up and hookin in ...

Sunday had the NW winds but we weren't there maybe next time

Pete *8-)