Saturday, August 1, 2009

7/31/09 Kiptopeke

Had a fun little session at Kiptopeke. 6.2/101. Had my gear with me from the Cape and it was blowing up and down the east coast. Kiptopeke was wound 6.0 almost straight onshore. I rigged and went out. Spent five minutes or so slogging in a lull then it ramped up to like about marginal 4.5. Instead of rigging down to 5.3 or 4.4/Acid, I flattened the 6.2 to within an inch of its life and had an excellent session. All port tack jumps with some 4' rollers breaking on sandbars. Good air, lots of fun. The session was a nice reminder that Kiptopeke is an underutilized launch. The fact that there is a great little bar literally at the launch should be an incentive to get more people to sail there. But at the end of the day nobody will.

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CraigV said...

Hi. I've never sailed kiptopeke. Where do you launch? Right at the boat launch? Also, I'd say I'm an intermediate sailor. Is kiptopeke decent for folks with less than expert skills? Thanks!