Sunday, September 21, 2008


N/NNE/NE 25-30. Flatish. Acid/5.4. Wound. Some decent jumps. Lauren, Hooper, Billy, Wayne, Steve, Contos, Barry, a few others. All sorts of jibes were working well, sailed fast. only a relative handful of decent jumps for a full day session. Checked out Steve and Barry's BMW GS 1100's. Totally kool. Ljm was taking pics today, this was the most exciting. Contos in the background with some dudes sail he just bought.


Unknown said...

How do you like your Sumo 460? Have you ever used an Ezzy 460? How do they compare?


CRL said...

Sumo is stiffer and better for me since I weigh 190-200lbs. Don't get it if you are a smaller dude, but absolutley get it if you are 190 or bigger. The sail will feel livlier and more responsive if you are a heavyweight, but will not breath if you are lighter. Sort of like the difference when using a 430 on a sail which calls for a 400 on the luff.