Saturday, September 6, 2008

TS HANNA Buckroe 9/6/08

At the garage at 7:30 AM, at Pilot Ave at 8:15, on the water shortly after. ESE/SE 30-35 sustained with gusts into the 40's. RW 74/4.5 Ezzy wave. 8.25" Wardog wave fin. $. Raav, Knight, Kashy, Derek, Uvee, and 1 other sailor. Shore break moderately challenging but nothing to sweat over, the wind was side-on from the right so plenty of pointing ability to get through the breakers which were all over the place and about 3-4'. Most of the challenge came from the fact that at the beginning of the sesh the inside had lulls and a 74 liter board does not float me at all. Outside was incredible. HUGE swells 8-10' tall and FAT. Plus the usual Buckroe chop in places. Saw Raav get into a few backs, and get some nice air. Port jumps were not everywhere but they reared up occasionally giving me a bunch of nice hits. It was windy enough that the landings were nice and soft, even on BIG airs. The swell riding and the swell jibing were simply intense. Cranking hard into a 10' face as it jacks and flying out at faster than full speed is what I do this stuff for. Sailed until noon and quit when the wind jacked up to 45 with gusts over 50. The beach at Buckroe looked like blowing snow. One down side to the EPIC session was that I got 2 blisters on my left hand (as seen below.) Not too sure why this happened. One final observation was that this type of sailing requires CONSTANT immense concentration in order to stay in control and this type of intensity is as tiring as the physical demands the conditions require. Can't wait for the next one.

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