Sunday, October 28, 2007

10/28/07 East Beach

Finally some real wind and some Acid action. N & NNW wind 25-30mph. Acid, 5.4. Large swells great sailing. Keith, Carl, Uvee, Tom Britt, Wayne, Alexander, a few others. Generally sailed upwind of the jetties and got as far back up the beach as possible to ride through the soup. BIG airs, nice wave rides and a back loop attempt, which will be landed soon. 35+ gust slammed me into my 5.4 Icon which ripped. Plan to send it to ASH and pick it back up for Windsurfing weekend. Oh yeah, short sleeve full, but was a little warm. Cuts on feet bothering me a little.

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LJM said...

Later this very day (actually just after midnight)the Red Sox win the World Series sweeping Colorado in 4! Big, big yay! LJM and Hooper bear witness. CRL gets out of bed to join cheering in the livingroom!