Sunday, November 11, 2007

11/7/07-11/11/07 Windsurfing Weekend

Left NJ Wednesday AM and met Ted in Salisbury around 4PM. Arrived in Norfolk in time to get Dan at airport and went Tortilla West for dinner, Raav meeting us later that PM. Ted and I hitch up his Suburban and hit the road around 8AM. Windy as we cross the sound cold. 55F max. No wind in Waves but surprise solid 6.0/102 in Avon. NW so no wind really at Ego beach so session was at the hole. Me, Ted, Carl, Dan, Raav. 3/2 full no booties but should have had them. It was COLD. Shortish flat water sesh then to ASH to pick up the repaired Icon and I bought 2 shirts and a neoprene hat which worked great. Chad at OAR lent me booties, big TV and mattress. Dinner at the house with frozen pizzas and The Windsurfing Movie, Detroit Rock City and Dazed and Confused.

AM session Friday. At Barton's. Colder than day before but booties and hood help me. 6.0/102. Flat water, still no real wind on ocean. Dinner at some restaurant and 300 that eve.

Sat forecast does not disappoint. NNW 5.0/Acid Ego beach. Big, big jumps and decent wave riding which got better as the day went on. Locals showed up and about a dozen sailors at the max. It got windier as the day went on 4.5 on the sound and on the outside at the ocean. Stayed on the 5.4/Acid combo because still lightish on the inside. Really tiring but water was in the upper 60's. Much warmer than the sound. Sailed until the sun started going down. We went drinking at the bar from the night before and stayed there for several enjoyable hours with many locals showing up including Olaf and the dude from Sailworld, also the guys who rented all that gear from Windsurfing Hatteras who were in from Boston. Overall a great weekend. Carl's house was perfect and the group was geling.

Back to Norfolk Sunday AM.

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Anonymous said...

What do windsurfers do when they are not on the water? Helping their aunts seek, shop, buy, and set up new flat screen hd tv. Then stay at her house for 48 hours straight watching Step Into Liquid. Thanks, it was fun. Sooz