Sunday, October 28, 2007

10/27/07 Corolla

A.M. drive to Corolla with Francis and Adam, stopping for SEC's at Hardees along the way. Took longboard and big windsurfing gear. Forecast was for south wind and SE swell 5'. Checked it at the Duck pier and the waves looked epic. NO wind and peeling and lined up. Got to Corolla more of the same. Met Pat and we surfed at Buck Island with some other guys for a little over 2 hours. Bareback, I had a slow start but got some great rides after an hour or so. Went to Tomato Patch for lunch, I had a cheesteak sub. Thought about not going back out but went out anyway this time Section C. Long sleeve shorty. Even better waves and more rides. Saw Face there. Drove back to ORF and picked up LJM to grab dinner with the family at Tortilla West. Red Sox game on, restaurant too cold. Great, great day.

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