Sunday, September 9, 2007

9/9/07 Aydlett

Raav, Billy, Bob R., Contos, Wayne, an asian dude. Picked up Raav at a Walmart the size of Ghent outside of Elizabeth City. Tropical Storm Gabrielle; full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Well actually signifying ESE 5.4, 6.2, 102 and Acid. Various combinations. Wound up 6.2 on the outside practically to Whalehead Club. Nice 4-6' air came down and Powerex 430 snapped...POW! Raav witnessed entire thing and sailed in and he and Billy came to rescue in Billy's boat. No damage to sail or boom. Not too much action after that. A little 4.5 but only 1 run. Apparantly Raav and Bob had yet another conversation about the dreaded sandbar in Frisco. Raav peed in a water bottle on the ride home, met a dude from Hood River while buying beer. He declined when we offered a beer and handed us a business card made of hemp. Dinner at Zio's with The McGowster.

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RAAV said...

I am just relieved that the picture of my cock was not posted. I am sure it will show somewhere eventually. RAAV