Saturday, September 8, 2007

9/7/07 Buckroe Pier

FSW 102 and Disco 7.3. Winds almost straight onshore, with just a hint of south, ESE. Knight, Joachime, and Pete Wells of all people. One of the best 7.0 sessions I have had with the Disco. Sail and board felt great, Nexus harness definetely comfortable. MFC freewave fin seems slightly small when beating but shines on the swells, which there were many and some waist high. Had power most of the session but I really had to concentrate to sail fast. Knight was on a Techno and a 6.2 and was planing most of the time and was about the same speed as I was. 6.2 would never have gotten me moving on the 102. Sailed from 3:30ish to 6ish. Tom Britt showed at 5:30 and the wind died shortly thereafter. Tons of dolphins right with us, actually concerned about accidentally hitting one. Got to order a new door for my boomhead. Iwindsurf forecast was exactly correct with the wind switching and coming up in the early afternoon. Could happen again today but they are forecasting same scenario with less strength.

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