Saturday, February 2, 2008

2/1/08 Rodanthe

First session of the year. First 2008 Hatteras trip for Raav and I. Loaded up the Tacoma. 6 boards etc. Rowlands' house. Me, Raav, Billy, Bob R. Wind SSW 30-35, water temp high 40's/low50's. Air temp low to mid 60's. Sailed JPRW 74 with Ezzy 4.5 w/ booties and 3/2 full. Great combination, the board is so responsive, it demands quicker reaction time and needs to be fully powered before it does anything. Not very good ramps. No surprise. We would have been in the ocean, boilers looked great but the water was too friggin cold. Good location for S wind. The 370 mast on the 4.5 is too soft for me. I need to sell it and get a 400. Last 1/2 hour of the session the wind really came up and the 74 shone. I doubt it will ever be too big for anything. Will be excited when I get a chance to use it in warmer weather, and in some waves.

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