Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/10/08 Factory Point

WSW to W 35-45. Air temp high 50's, water temp low 50's. 4/3 w/ booties and cap, no gloves. Raav, Billy, Bob, Contos, Knight, Britt, Kashy. Knight was 1st on the water Raav and I were close behind. 4.5/RW. WOUND, overpowered in the gusts, but didn't want the 3.7. Great session for the first 2 1/2 hours. High tide and great port ramps out by the island, small waves and small but ridable swells on the outside. RW with the 4.5 and the 8.25 Wardog wave fin is $. So controllable yet loose, big jumps, a couple that were close to mast high. Jibing was fast and mostly easy with the right gear, the thin rails of the RW cut through the hectic chop on the inside jibe areas, the outside transitions were mostly on the faces of swells. Went to Billy's for a few apre windsurfing beers. Nice.
Sold my 370 to John Quinn. Will get a 400 Sumo to replace it. The 4.5 Ezzy was decent on the 430 Sumo today. Really didn't have the option to go smaller. Looking fwd to warmer sailing although I know it is months away.

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Anonymous said...

When you really get a mast high air, I'll let you know. 10 feet is pretty good though. You can call them logo high, that sounds better. I do read your blog!