Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday 8/10/07

Hatteras trip with Raav, Karl, Chris B. Left Norfolk around noon. Took 2 separate cars, Rob & I with the trailer and Karl rode with Chris B. Stopped in at Sailworld and bought a new harness (Dakine NEXUS) and looked for a small wave board. Nothing in stock but the AB+ wave 82 ltr wave board looked good, nice v in the tail section. Might be great in a smaller size, will look into it.
Parked at the hole and sailed at EGO beach for a few hours. Acid and 5.4 Icon stock fin. Very gusty and rig was not well balanced, spinning out a lot when not fully powered. Waves generally small with some waist to chest sets. Caught a few nice waves, one in particular was chest high several nice turns. Some really nice tight jibes on the outside on faces of swells, ACID continues to be impressive in wavy conditions. Rob looked pretty good with several nice ducks and inside transitions, Karl looked better than either of us with the starboard jumps, easy 8-10fters, didn't see him in the waves. Crossed back over to sail the hole and hang with Chris B. conditions deteriorated quickly with more frequent wind fluctuations. Switched to JP FSW 102 w/ weed fin, and kept 5.4, OK for 15 minutes or so. Rob and Karl dicking around with freestyle moves, Robs vulcans continue to give him trouble and Karl showed us some nice shortboard tacks, willy skippers and helicopter tacks. That stuff does not seem fun to me but whatever. Chris B. said his session was ok, in the front strap for part of the day until wind died. Wind dies and we derig, have a few beers and head north around 7PM. Stopped for dinner around mp 8 on the beach road at some Mexican joint. Drunk at bar bitching to Karl about Americas cup. Fish Enchiladas, Pacifico and ride back North. Home around 10:45.
Not the trip I had hoped for, wind generally too gusty and a little too much west.

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LJM said...

How can we be sure that picture is in fact CRL?
Is balancing your responsibity and something you can resolve or is this an equipment issue (in other words, will this be costing more money?)
I do not understand why your profile does not mention your family---specifically a certain girl and a certain dog.