Sunday, August 19, 2007

Corolla Trip 8/17

Went to Corolla Friday 8/17 pm after missing 4.5 wind in Hatteras. Iwindsurf and NOAA predict 6.0 wind for Sat AM in VA and Currituck. WRONG, 5-10 at best. Surf was OK. Sat afternoon provided knee high waves with waist to chest sets on the outside, but inconsistent. Long waits inbetween sets, caught a few decent rides. Sunday more of the same waves. Moderate SE wind not holding much interest. Knucklehead on the beach bitching that Hooper was not leashed. I ignored him, LJM did not. Those Bostons are vicious though. Watched the flags blow straight all Sun evening at Tides game with Dad, Roger, Rick and some Korean dude. Looking for a high wind board, want to get it before Hurricanes. Time is tight.

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