Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update October 3, 2012 Had a few decent sailing sessions so far in 2012. 1 in Corolla 6.2/101 blowing NE 20-25. Week of McGowan Vacation. The inside was waist to chest and a washing machine. The outside was GIGANTIC. Easily the biggest I have ever been in. Was sailing alone and only stayed out for 30-45 minutes. NUTS. Second decent session was a Hatteras trip with Raav. Got permit for the truck and sailed the ocean 101. I hurt my hand by punching the mast on a whipeout and it still hurts 2+ months later. SUP sailing has been great. So has SUP surfing. Lots of sessions in Corolla and VB. AWT was fun nice SUP and surf sailing for most of it, it blew last half of last day. Loaned the ACID to KP and sailed at ramp 45 on 101. Dan, Carl, Raav, Chris B, Contos, Rowland at AWT. More posts to come.

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