Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nags Head 9/14-9/18/11

Its been a horrible summer for water sports. Buying and moving into the 1901 has taken up a great deal of time, as well as being very busy at work. Hurricane Irene screwed us out of our wave sailing contest and cut a few new inlets so we rented a place in Nags Head. That's right, Nags Head. I know, I know, but whatever.
The major players were all there: RAAV, Crouching Tiger, Dan, Carl, Chris Burgess, Ben from back-in-the-day, and Chris Burgess' tramp stamp.
We picked up the tiger at the airport Wednesday AM and headed down, stopping at Southland so we could walk through the redneckly awesome, smoking allowed, disgusting electronic gambling area on the way to get our BBQ sandwiches. We walked out the same way.
Dan rode down with me and RAAV, proudly driving M.D. Smith's aging F-250 packed to the gills with windsurfing, surfing and SUP gear, rode with the Tiger. We got our key from Kitty Dunes and the Tiger received an anxious phone call from Vegas. He had forgotton to sign his own permission-to-go-on-a-windsurfing trip form, so he had to get it emailed to himself, sign it and get it back to his wife before we could really proceed with our trip.
We had tenative plans to meet Pat et-al and after getting more SUP gear from Bill Bell, we managed to meet at the house. Our next stop was a ponderous windsurfing rental situation (to be repeated over the next few days. RAAV really took the lead. If left to his own devices, the Tiger would still be there figuring out what to rent (not really, but you get the point.)
We finally got to the beach and met Pat, Chelsea, Dave, Jeremy, Jeremy's girlfriend. Surfed decent waves all afternoon, drank beers, no windsurfing. The Corolla set went back north before dinner and we hit Tortugas for sushi night, a real winner. Dan had some sushi and we don't know if he liked it or not.
More ponderous rental torture then an unbelievable day of SUPing and windsurfing. The videos below tell the tale.

The next day was spent drinving over to Stumpy point to sail onshore in muddy, ok 5.3 conditions. The last day was a decent session just north of the currituck bridge again on 5.3.

An OK trip, hopefully next year the contest will happen.

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