Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/2/11 Avon

Contos/Jack. Contos' van. Windsurfing Magazine test cottage. Lots of 105-125 l boards all over the place. Met editor of Windsurfing Mag. West wind. Anywhere from 18 to 40. Temps water and air low to mid 50's. New suit and booties worked well, no gloves. Looking back the best setup would have been the 101 and the 5.3 all day long. Leaving the 101 in Norfolk was possibly a mistake. Started the day powered on 74/4.4, got off the water for an hour or so, then rigged 6.2/86 and ripped for the rest of the day. 6.2 is actually too big for the Acid, despite what "they" say. Squall came through and it ripped my entire rig out of my hand while I was adjusting outhaul, rig flew up at least 30' into the air and 50' down wind. Fucking spectacular. I laughed, and started trudging after it. When the squall died down there were enough decent ramps to catch some 6-8' jumps for about 15 minutes. Saw Deja that night at Lazy Horse in Chesapeake. I don't know anyone besides Ted and Contos who would set foot in the bar. It was great.

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