Monday, October 4, 2010

Ted's Visit and Bachelor Weekend

Ted arrived on Thursday night (Plastic's birthday) after we both drove through the remnants of Nicole, Ted getting the worst of the weather. Closed down Cantina. Met Rob for breakfast at Charlies, then sailed at Aeries (N 5.3/Acid) for several hours with Jack and Carl. Following cheeseburgers we then shot over to first landing and sailed (N 6.2/101). Tango was experiencing failure to launch, Raav and I sailed out past Cape Henry for some fantastic jumping and wave riding, head high ramps and waves, along with dolphins and a tremendous smack to my balls on a mid-air bail out. Almost passed out. Sailed back to first landing and Raav scurried home while Contos lumbered out and sailed with the now successfully launched Tango for another hour of 6.0 fun swell sailing immediately in front of the launch site. Plastic cooked dinner and we had the fire department called when Huck thought our London Broil was a fire in the Temple.
Saturday was a formula day with Chad contributing a rig to me and Kashy a board. Kashy was holding a regatta a lots of local sailors and visitors were there including Contos, Hooper and others. Formula beckons.
Drank our faces off all night. Plastic, Pat, Ted, Rob, Jack, Contos. Everyone home safe.

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