Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/9/09 Corolla

WSW 25. Acid/5.4. I don't sail too often in the Currituck anymore. It is more difficult to access the sound than it was when you lived there. Also I am usually in the ocean, even if its blowing SW. This past Saturday was an exception. It was WSW 25 solid. No wind on the ocean side. I decided to sail the sound for the first time in like 3 or 4 years. I launched at the Whalehead Club which now has beautifully manicured lawns all the way out to the point. The rip rap along the shore makes for treacherous footing and there is junk on the bottom once you get in but with care you can get in safely. As I was carrying my rig across the lawn to the water I heard something at my feet. I look down and see the biggest damn cottonmouth I have ever laid eyes on slithering away from me. It was as thick as my arm and pushing 5 feet long. Ugly bastard too. It got the juices flowing. The session was fun. The Currituck sound has some decent chop when it blows, more than in Rodanthe or Avon (with the exception of the reef.) The weeds there are unreal. When you fall in, they wrap around your legs and torso like vines. Even with the snakes and weeds, I'll hit it again. Pics by Lauren.

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