Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cape Cod 7/18-7/27/08

First session was 7.2/102 Eastham in front of house. Got into the straps after a low tide long walk. Nothing too spectacular. 2 More days of 6.2/102 at West Dennis SW. Swell riding fun very few ramps. Thursday it blew 25 SSE. 5.4/Acid then 6.2/Acid (first time, not a real great combo.) Overall session was fantastic, one of my best ever, and THE best ever on the Cape. Tons of 2-4' ramps which were lining up perfectly, lots and lots of BIG air and some fabulous wave riding. The change of direction makes West Dennis a completely different experience. It would be worth a trip up there for a weekend if we knew the direction it was going to blow. 4 sessions total, The Cape comes through again. Pictures above are 5.4/Acid in front of our house at Eastham, at the end of the big day. I had driven back from West Dennis exhausted but went back out for a short session anyway. 2 women driving a Subaru Outback (hint) watched me.

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