Sunday, June 29, 2008

6/28-29/08 Avon

Left Norfolk around 9:30 AM Sat. with plans to stay until Sunday afternoon. Things worked out. Lauren and Hooper, Acid, Radical, 5.4/4.5/3.7. Sailed the hole for about an hour on 5.4/Acid (boring/zero ramps) then went over to Ego for a few hours of normal 5.0 ocean sailing. It was a nice reminder about how much better the ocean is than ANY other place to sail. Came in around 4 PM and Bill Bell asked if I wanted to be a judge in the Loopoff. 5 local sailors, 30 min heat, some nice loops, all fwds. Went back out for another 1/2 hour or so then went back and checked into the Avon Motel. Fun fact: There were 2 well used flyswatters on the bullitin board in our room. Lauren rallied MD Smith style and got on board.
As we were pulling into the parking lot of the hotel, we ran into Uvee and Dave the tree trimmer. We said a quick hello and made plans to catch a few beers at the Mad Crabber later. Later came and we did meet them and were thoroughly entertained for the rest of the evening.
Next AM after coffee and blueberry muffins we headed back to the Hole where I rigged a 4.5/RW and sailed the sound for an hour or so, again boring (ocean looked a little light and offshore when we arrived.) Went and checked the ocean again and swapped the RW for the Acid and had the best 2 hours of sailing of the year, real nice easy wave riding, wound 4.5, and some decent port ramps on the way in. Left for home around 2:30 PM. A great weekend with Lauren, Hooper, wind, a skeevy motel and a very interesting dinner conversation.

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