Friday, May 9, 2008

5/8/08 Avon

Well I invited Billy to come with Raav and I on a planned trip to Avon. While everyone is friends it is always an adventure to bring someone new with us. You just never know...
No problems, the ride down was full of tech talk, chick talk, food talk, nothing reallt important. We went directly to Avon Sailhouse and got our 2 NL mast plugged by Margaret. Olaf was his usual off-putting self. Raav got 12 footstraps, Billy and I got some downhaul line. Went and got Contos' useless brand new 5.5 Warp from sailworld. Tried to get out of there as fast as possible. Hit the turnout with solid 5.4/Acid. Raav on 5.0 Ice/FSW 85, Billy on Hucker 4.8/Seatrend ATV. Weeds negligible, reef was decent, not great. We all had some nice moves and jumps, some real high. Stayed out there for 2-3 hours, came in for Chicken Parm subs, and then back out for 6.0 sailing until dusk. Ride home was full of pot, beer, and going over every single sailing event over the past 6 hours. Nice. Got home after 10PM. Nicer.

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