Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/22/08 Buckroe, Raav in Rare Form

So Raav began texting me last night about sailing today. His "idea" was to go to East beach at 6AM and sail until 9AM. The funny part about this was that Spurgeon family NEVER sees 6AM under any circumstances. Having said that he did call around 6:30AM and started his "sell." Usually I am the one trying to get him out from in front of the TV and into the water but today it was him trying to get my ass out of bed and on to a board. So we agree to meet at East Beach at like 7:30.
I load the truck and begin the grim trek down Hampton Blvd, stopping at the newish 7-11 to get some "coffee" and a "sausage and egg" sandwich. A knucklehead woman was blocking me in as I was trying to back out of the parking spot but eventually I made my way out of the parking lot. As this was occurring, Raav was arriving at East Beach and was discovering that there was no wind. He called and I headed back to my apartment, he was headed home. I called him from in front of IWindsurf to tell him that it was blowing at Buckroe and that we should go. To my happy astonishment he made the turn onto the interstate and drove to Buckroe. When I eventually met him there, the wind had died, but he had rigged his 5.8/100. So we bullshitted for an hour, looking up IWindsurf on his phone every 4 minutes and reassuring eachother that it would eventually blow. George Lam showed up and Billy M shortly thereafter. The two of them threatened to go to Factory but relented after Raav and I promised not to sail naked.
After a while it picked up. I was on 6.2/102, Raav on the 5.8/100, Lam on 6.8/117, Billy M was riding a 5.6 Hucker and his new Seatrend which, in a stroke of pure genius, he was able to procure from Hatteras Island Sail shop using hardball negotiating tactics and the Jedi Mind trick. Knight was getting his teeth cleaned.
The wind was ENE at 20 gusting to 25ish. Nice. Very nice jumps. Some beautiful ducks by Raav, some nice wave riding on the inside by everyone. Wind strengthened, my jumps got bigger and more frequent, Billy got faster, George got overpowered, and Raav's board got smaller. We sailed like this for about an hour, jibing close, off the lipping and generally impressing all the chicks who had been lining up on the Buckroe pier as soon as word got out that Raav and I were on the Peninsula.
After the wind let up we were all commiserating on the beach when Knight showed up. We knew it was him because his teeth gleemed through the windshield of his van as he pulled into the parking lot. Mr. Contos had a wrestling match with the high rise bridge on 64 and looked pretty beat up when he showed. He unloaded an Ultra Cat, and wondered if he should rig his 9.0. All in all a really fun session.

We all jetted around lunch, each with different thoughts on his mind, and in a different car.


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